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After signing up with just a few key bits of information, you’ll get an easy-to-understand pie chart plus specialized calculators for whichever ethnicity you select.

How To Use The Admixture GEDmatch Tool?

You might already know about the part of your ethnicity, but many people want to find out their heritage because they want to know about the parts of their ancestry that they do not know about. GEDmatch Admixture Tool is perfect for this type of thing because when you do your test results, Admixture shows percentages of who in different regions has genetic similarities with you.

Several researchers have created “calculators” using their own databases of DNA information acquired through research programs. We can use these calculators to run your DNA through GEDmatch to obtain various ethnicity estimates.

The GEDmatch Admixture calculators are available on the DNA Application tool list once the uploading process is complete.

1 Select a tool you want to analyze your data

You will be directed to a page with the admixture project. Select the one you want to use to analyze your DNA. There are numerous projects, many of which have various calculators.

One of the simple ones is the “Admixture Proportions (with a connection to Oracle)”, which will give you results that resemble the estimated ethnicity you were given by your DNA testing company.

Select Admixture (heritage) from list of free tools.
2 Select your preferred your preferred calculator
Selecting a GEDmatch Admixture Calculator

There are currently 5 projects that offer calculators on GEDmatch. To find out more about each project, please refer to the table below for a short summary of what they do. You may also want to reference one that matches your ancestry for easier use.

List of Admixture projects. Descriptions in following paragraphs.

It is best to select a project and calculator model that most closely corresponds to your knowledge of your ancestry. These calculators’ results could vary from the ethnicity estimate provided by the DNA testing service depending on your specific heritage and research goals on potential ancestral locations.

Admixture African calculator

Best GEDmatch Admixture Calculator For African Ancestry

If you have nearly all African ancestry and no European ancestry, then the recommended project/calculator is the EthioHelix K10 Africa Only Calculator.

If you have African ancestry and also European you can choose the EthioHelix K10 + French model.

If you are African-American use the EthioHelix calculator to explore your ancestry on the African continent.

Best GEDmatch Admixture Calculator for Native American Ancestry

Eurogenes K36 – Although it can detect extremely minor levels of Native American ancestry, this calculator works best with DNA samples from persons who are mostly of European descent.

MDLP World-22 – Although they cover a very wide geographic range, there is a large option of the Native American categories in this DNA project.

admixture native american calculator
admixture asian calculator

Best GEDmatch Admixture Calculator For Asian Ancestry

The HarrapaWorld calculator model is advised if you are Asian-American. The model will allocate your DNA to those general locations if you have ancestry from non-Asian regions.

Best GEDmatch Admixture Calculator For European Ancestry

The best project and calculator combo for those whose ancestry is largely European is the Eurogenes K36 calculator. Try the Eurogenes Jtest model if you have European ancestry as well as Ashkenazi Jewish background.

admixture european calculator
admixture ancient dna calculator

Best GEDmatch Admixture Calculator For Ancient DNA

The best calculator for ancient DNA is Gedmatch Ancient Eurasia K6 calculator – even though understanding our most ancient DNA won’t really help us with genealogy, it is quite fascinating!

Neolithic DNA on GEDmatch

You can use Gedmatch’s Admixture Calculators to compare your DNA with any of nine different Neolithic populations:

  • Greek Neolithic
  • Afanasievo Eneolithic
  • Anatolia Neolithic
  • Andronovo Eneolithic
  • Samara Eneolithic
  • Atlantic Mediterranean Neolithic
  • Samara Eneolithic
  • Anatolian Neolithic
  • Steppe Eneolithic
admixture neolithic calculator

About 12,000 years ago – the Neolithic Period began. Studies of ancient DNA show strong correlations between today’s people and these ancestors from a time long ago. A perfect example is those who came from the Atlantic Mediterranean Neolithic group on the MDLP World 22. In a sense, we all have Neolithic DNA. This is due to the fact that every human alive today had ancestors who were present—and living—during the Neolithic era.

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