Man Known As NorCal Rapist Convicted After Genetic Genealogy Finds Match


In November of 2020, Roy Charles Waller was found guilty of 46 criminal charges in connection to 21 rapes across Northern California, most of which happened decades ago. Waller would forcibly enter the women’s homes, tie them up and blindfold them, often cuddling them for hours after the initial assault occurred. Nine victims waited for over two decades for a suspect to be found. It was the DNA left at the scenes that was subsequently run through GEDmatch’s database that identified Waller as a suspect. Prior DNA evidence had fallen short as Waller’s DNA wasn’t in the state’s criminal offender database. Lead prosecutor Keith Hill told ABC10, “We’re just thankful that the DNA was there and that the victims were able to receive justice no matter how long it took.” 

The trial lasted over a month, with all nine survivors testifying, but the deliberation took just under two and a half hours. When asked about the decision process, Michael H., juror #7, said, “It was an open and closed case, everything was right there for us…DNA don’t lie.” Waller was sentenced to 897 years. 

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