Find The Missing Branches of Your Family Tree With GEDmatch And 23andMe

Gedmatch and 23andMe

A perfect complement to 23andMe genetic tests.

DNA matching made easy.

DNA matching


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Discover DNA Relatives

If you test with 23andMe and want to find relatives outside their database, upload your DNA data here and see who else is out there!

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Seach Possible Relatives

Upload your DNA data here and see if anyone on the platform is related to you. With GEDmatch, you can easily grow your family tree!

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Genetic Genealogy

GEDmatch is a genetic genealogy site where DNA matches can find relatives across genealogy projects, such as Ancestry, MyHeritage or FTDNA.

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Powerful Genetic Genealogy Tool

GEDmatch is a free, public DNA database. It’s a genetic community interested in preserving both biological genealogy and genetic privacy.

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Worldwide Connections

GEDmatch has people from around the world who share interests in genealogy and genetics. Some of our users join “Ancestor Projects” – A GEDmatch Ancestor Project is a group of people who are all related to each other in some way and want to find out more about their family history together.

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Create a DNA Public Profile

Your profile on GEDmatch can show who you are related to as well as what segments of DNA you share with them or which segments they might share with you.

How to Get Started
Do you have your 23andMe Data?
How to Access Your Raw DNA Data From 23andMe
1 Sign in to your 23andMe account

Option 1

Go directly to Download Raw Data

Option 2

  • Click on your account image in the top right corner
  • Select Browse Raw Data from the scroll-down menu
2 Click on the download option
  • scroll down to  request your raw data download
  • check the consent box
  • click  “submit request”
3 You will get and email from 23andMe soon.

Sometimes they take a little bit of time to arrive so don’t worry if you don’t get one right away! Once you do, click on the link and download the zip file.

Upload Your DNA File to GEDmatch

Sign up for free and find genetic matches on GEDmatch. Use it as a research tool or share DNA data with others to find relatives.