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Genealogy research reimagined and expanded

GEDmatch is a website for genetic genealogy research. Anyone can upload their DNA file, analyze results, and compare DNA shared with others.

about GEDmatch
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What Makes Us Unique

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GEDmatch is a free DNA comparison and analysis website for people who have tested their autosomal DNA using a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, such as Ancestry, 23andMe, FTDNA, or have a custom file from other sources. Testers download their DNA data file from the testing company, and then upload it to GEDmatch. GEDmatch processes the file, adds it to a genealogical database, and provides applications for matching and further analysis.

Because GEDmatch aggregates files from all testing companies, your potential for matches is greater. Curtis Rogers founded GEDmatch in 2010 with his co-founder John Olson and a small group of volunteers. Verogen purchased GEDmatch in 2019, continuing the founders’ vision for a consumer genealogy site with a commitment to infrastructure, privacy, and security.

Our Mission

Genealogy Research Not Found Elsewhere

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The GEDmatch story is one of connecting people.

From amateurs to professionals, genealogists, historians, researchers, and adoptees have leveraged the large pool of data on the site to build family trees, find birth families, and learn more about their DNA and by extension, their history.

Recent advancements have also allowed genetic genealogy to make communities safer by putting violent criminals behind bars and exonerating the innocent. Protecting your privacy remains the top priority, with our commitment to safeguarding your information at the foreground of every decision.

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