Jane Doe Known As Buckskin Girl Identified as Marcia King


After her murder in 1981, 21-year-old Marcia King’s body remained unidentified for 36 years. After King was found in Troy, Ohio wearing a fringed buckskin jacket, police followed hundreds of leads, but none led to a match. King eventually became known as the “Buckskin Girl”, in reference to the buckskin jacket she was found in. Her fingerprints were not found in the national database and with no identification, socks, or shoes her case eventually turned cold. It wasn’t until genetic genealogy was introduced in 2018 that connections began to be made.

The DNA Doe Project took on King’s case and was able to find a close match on GEDmatch using a DNA profile created from the victim’s blood sample that had been in storage since 1981.  Subsequent comparison with an immediate family member confirmed the match to be Marcia King of Arkansas. 

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