I’m on a Limited Income And GEDmatch is The Best Site Out There!

I started using GEDmatch a couple of years ago trying to link up and find distant relatives to my Great Grandfather, and possibly find my half-sister’s DNA family line. 

I’m retired on a limited fixed income, and the fact a number of your powerful DNA match-finding features are free and are not available on another site. GEDmatch is the best site out there rest assured!

Linking specific family groups and family members to particular location segments sizes, locations etc. on particular chromosomes 1 to 22 has exceeded my expectations since using GEDmatch. 

The power and versatility of GEDmatch as a tool to compare and analyse DNA results – it is very easy to use, plus it has privacy locks in place to protect people’s privacy if they wish. Therefore it meets and caters for everyone’s needs or commitments.

My Advice For All Future GEDmatch Users 

Many powerful DNA matching sites are free, and you can upgrade to tier 1 for more powerful and compressive comparisons and matching sites – the options are there and easy to follow.  It is a must in your search for your DNA story and research! 

Stanley – GEDmatch User

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